About us

Founded in 2013, EkinnoLab is a start-up specializing in mobile application development and testing services. We are based in Gliwice, which is part of Silesian Metropolitan Area in Poland. This agglomeration is one of the largest urban areas in European Union – more than 5 millions of citizens.

EkinnoLab is based on vision of making mobile apps with an approach unique on the market. Careful design is the first thing we do. We make use of our experience in software architecture and build solutions on the top of best practices on this field. The technologies used are chosen carefully to serve that vision, not the other way around. We are passionate about innovation, so we are fond of new technology and design. Fast learning, cross-disciplinary team (backgrounds in electronics, automatics, mathematics, finance, communication, team management) allows us quickly entering new technologies and ignite innovation.

About innovations

Our world, full of technology and endless possibilities, require smart decisions. Open data is emerging everywhere providing interoperability of diverse systems and organizations to work together. Interoperability by RESTfull interfaces and OpenData boost competitiveness by avoiding vendor lock-in, comparability to benchmark performance, and easy sharing of best practices.


Joining start-ups forces allows us to provide sustainable solutions to help peoples in theirs daily lives.

Our actual contribution is solution to help drivers to find best parking space in cities – that’s Naviparking. NaviParking is a platform for car drivers and car park managers allowing the drivers to find the nearest and cheapest parking space in user destination. The main objective of NaviParking is to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in cities.

Innovation is more than having new ideas: it includes the process of successfully introducing them or making things happen in a new way. It turns ideas into useful, practicable and commercial products or services.  John Adair,  Effective Innovation (2009)

About Agile

Deliver early and often is our mantra. We always started from Business Model Canvas creation and Minimal Viable Product definition searching for most valuable elements for potential customer. Having always our MVP in mind we use SCRUM methodologies (with Certified Scrum Maser on board) to deliver early and often. We love to work with other organizations as this gives us tremendous opportunity to create more business value (One Plus One Equals Three), learn and exchange ideas.


About Test Automation

Test automation is the core part of our development strategy. We perceive it as inevitable part of every project, quickly delivering test results to our Scrum teams. We automate UIs of applications, as well as lower level: backend API and database calls if needed. We use well established tools such as Appium for mobile apps (both iOS and Android) or Selenium WebDriver for web apps. Java is our primary language for test scripts development. We use JUnit for test execution, Maven as build tool and Cucumber for supporting BDD if needed.

About User Experience

It’s not enough to build mobile product with all technical features and good working functions. To provide the most friendly mobile applications we explore and evaluate how our solutions are easy to use, how efficient and pleasant is the experience of our users and what interactions take a place between users and systems. We use to that the UX methods like User research, Analysis frameworks  (Crashylitics and Google Analytics), prototyping (Axure), interactions design and UX principles.  A couple of simple and powerful techniques give us a deep understanding of users needs.